About Us

Essential VPN is a subsidiary of the Essential Group, registered in the UK. The Essential Group also owns Essential Ibiza, Essential Dubai and Essential Singapore.

We are a small group of passionate professionals who came together over a shared love of Ibiza and created a platform that would become the go-to portal for news and reviews, VIP booking, car/boat/villa rental and club tickets sales for the popular holiday destination. Through our substantial global connections, we expanded to offer a similar news and information service for other global hubs, including Dubai and Singapore.

In recent years, our business has evolved to include a selection of technology products, from a unique WiFi login solution to an AI solution that allows businesses to offer its customers a personalised experienced every time they visit them online. All of these products have been born in Ibiza, before being introduced to the rest of the world. Essential VPN is no different.

One of the biggest conversations on the island, outside of the tourist season, is about finding a reliable VPN that actually does what it says on the tin. Having spoken with our partners around the world, it seems that this is not a problem that exists only on the island of Ibiza. Always dedicated to deliver solutions to our community, Essential has gone into partnership with respected VPN provider Vanished, to offer Essential VPN. Having beta tested the product with a selection of existing customers around the world, we are delighted to launch the product and open it up to everyone.

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