How Secure Is Your Digital Data?

We have become too free and easy with the information we share digitally nowadays. When the Internet was first created, the thought of putting any personal information ‘out there’ was ridiculous, maybe it’s time to return to those days of caution. Check out ‘The Great Hack’ on Netflix and see just how far Cambridge Analytica went in using our own info from sources that include Facebook, to create profiles on voters and influence elections such as US Presidential election and UK Brexit vote.

From ‘The Great Hack’

Narrator: “If you’re watching this video, there’s a good chance your data has been hacked, leaked, or stolen. Over a billion users were affected by data breaches in 2018, and it seems like there are reports of new hacks every week. Can you even use the internet without your information eventually leaking? What’s going on with your data?” If you haven’t watched this show yet, it’s worth checking out. 

If that’s not an eye-opener, we don’t know what is. Here are five ways to make an immediate difference to your digital data…

1. Have I Been Hacked?

The first thing to do is check if your data has been leaked. Have I Been Pwned is a website with a database of info that has been exposed. Type in your email address or old passwords to see if your data has been compromised.

2. Change Your Passwords

if you have been compromised, change your passwords immediately. You should change these on a regular basis anyway. You should never use the same password for multiple platforms, if one is compromised then they all are.

3. Get A Paid VPN

Using a paid VPN can hide your internet traffic and IP address from third parties. A VPN can also protect your data when you’re using public WiFi. It will encrypt your data, making it much more difficult for anyone to steal it from an open network. EssentialVPN can also supply a preconfigured router which runs multiple VPNs so that all of your devices are protected.

4. Password Manager

Password manager will securely store your passwords and can help you generate unique ones that are hard to crack with brute force hacking. Companies like LastPass and 1password are ones we would recommend. 

5. Turn Off Ad Tracking

When available, turn off ad-tracking. We supply online advertisers with a lot of information, without even knowing it but look out for the services that allow you to limit what information is being shared. The EssentialVPN Invizibox 2 will allow you to block ads, and secure all of your devices by routing the over our secure VPN.

Source – Business Insider

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