'This could be our new favourite VPN provider' Lifehacker - May 2016

Our VPN solution gives you peace of mind when browsing the Internet, safe in the knowledge that we protect you from hackers accessing your personal data. Our anonymity, privacy and security can be yours for a small monthly payment.

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Best Offer

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€59.99 / Year
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Invizi Box

The amazing Invizbox

Invizibox 2 is now available.

Enjoy all the benefits of Essential VPN by connecting the Invizibox router to your Smart TV, Playstation, X Box or other devices. The easy to use Invizibox plugs into your existing modem/ router giving you the ability to connect to the Essential VPN wifi Network. You can then access all of your favourite programmes/ movies and enjoy the privacy and security through all of your devices.

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Give EssentialVPN a test drive. All plans are fully refundable, no questions asked.

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