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For fans of Disney, the recent launch of Disney+ would have had your excitement levels spiking for sure, until, that is, you found out that the first release only covers the US, Canada and the Netherlands. It will be up to four more months before the UK, Australia and many other countries around the world will be able to watch, or will it?

Yes, Disney fans, once again Essential VPN offers you a chance to open up one of your favourite channels and enjoy all of the amazing content on there right now! Also worth noting, if you are lucky enough to live in of the countries it has been rolled out in already but are traveling, you can use the same method below to keep up to date on all your favourite programmes.

The easiest way to access the new Disney+ channel is to log in to the Essential VPN servers in the USA and create a USA account. Essential VPN guarantees that our VPN will unblock Disney+, something many of our competitors are unable to say as they are still trying to catch up! We also offer a 7-day money back guarantee, so you can check it out without any risk. Once we had negotiated the location blocks on Disney+, we had to find a solution when it came to the payment info, which we have done through creating a US iTunes account. 

Sign Up To Disney+ With Your US Apple IDPlease note, you will need an IOS device when setting up your Disney+ account initially, not including macs, so either an iPad, iPhone or apple tv. Here are Essential VPN, we have created a new Apple ID, which is tied to the US, loaded up with a US gift card and then used to sign up for Disney+ on an iPad using the VPN. Once that initial sign up has been completed, you can watch on any device as long as you use your VPN.

Click HERE for a guide on how to create your US Apple TV.

Check Out Our Bullet Points For Signing Up…

  • Open the App Store or iTunes and log out of your store account.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window until you find the flag icon. Click on that, or alternatively selected ‘change country’ to switch to the United States.
  • Create a new Apple ID, but be certain to not include any payment information, as this is not how you’ll be paying for Disney+.
  • Load up your account with credit by purchasing a digital USD iTunes gift card, which can be done via Best Buy. The cheapest one is $15, and we got the redemption code a few minutes later. Note, you will need to give a USA address and phone number. Just google a hotel in the USA somewhere.
  • Log into your new US Apple ID and go to account settings in the App Store to redeem your gift code. 
  • Finally, connect to the Vanished VPN USA server on an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Download the Disney+ app from the app store and install it.
  • Within the Disney+ app, create an account and use your gift card credit as the payment option, and you’re good to go.

Now you have successfully signed up for Disney+, you should be able to watch on any device at your leisure, as long as you remember to sign in to your US VPN server each time. Happy watching!

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